Accreditation of Third-Party Building Department Service Providers

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On September 18, 2008, the IAS Accreditation Committee approved the Accreditation Criteria for Third-Party Permitting, Plan Review and Inspection Service Providers (AC402). AC402 outlines requirements for the accreditation of third-party nongovernmental providers of building department services and thus recognizes the important role that private firms play in ensuring public safety. The goal of this program is to provide accreditation to independent providers of building department services based on quality management principles and best practices, to ensure that the outstanding safety record of buildings in the U.S., as compared to buildings elsewhere in the world, is maintained.

As budgets tighten and workloads increase for city and county governments, more municipalities have contracted with private-sector firms to administer permitting, plan review and inspection services related to building safety. IAS developed AC402 through its Accreditation Committee in open public hearings using the experience it gained through the success of the Accreditation Criteria for Building Departments/Code Enforcement Agencies (AC251). The Accreditation for Third-Party Permitting, Plan Review and Inspection Service Providers program was developed with input from private-sector firms that look to demonstrate their level of competency in providing building department services.

IAS, a nonprofit public-benefit corporation, and one of the nation's leading accreditation bodies, developed the first accreditation program to facilitate recognition of governmental building departments. As this program continues to gain momentum, more and more communities may be considering the accreditation status of third-party nongovernmental providers of building department services when making contract decisions.

The IAS Board of Directors comprises code enforcement and industry professionals. IAS is fully qualified to address the accreditation needs of providers of third-party building department services to small, medium and large jurisdictions across the U.S., because of its long association with code enforcement professionals at all levels. IAS delivers a partnership with code experts, and will help resolve problems and provide recommendations to ensure that third-party providers of building department services meet equivalent national standards for building departments.

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