Accreditation of Curriculum Development for Work Force Qualification Programs (Vocational Training)

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International Accreditation Service (IAS) now accredits organizations that develop the curricula for construction-related vocational training programs. Highly qualified workers in the construction crafts achieve their knowledge, skills and credentials through the right combination of work experience, participation in high-quality training programs, and certification and licensing in their craft from a recognized authority. At the center of quality construction training programs are those organizations that develop the curricula that are used to train the work force. Curriculum developers now have access to an accreditation program that can independently assess the delivery and content of their programs against standards based on best practices of the industry.

The IAS Program for Accreditation of Curriculum Development is the first program of its kind that recognizes, concurrently, the unique needs of the construction crafts, contractors and construction regulators. This program is aimed at providing the construction work force with the tools to achieve high-quality work, but also at ensuring that the resulting structures are code compliant. The standards for accreditation are defined in the IAS Accreditation Criteria for Curriculum Development for Work Force Qualification Programs (AC372). This criteria requires curriculum developers to demonstrate that the content of their curricula comply with nationally recognized standards of quality for best practices. IAS accreditation emphasizes the practical (applied) elements of best practices, based on educational research; and requires that organizations have formally documented processes that are effectively implemented and regularly monitored to ensure their continuing suitability and effectiveness.

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