Fabricator Inspection Program

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During the course of construction, some types of work are so critical to safeguarding public welfare that the building code requires special inspections. Structural welding, reinforcing concrete and high-strength bolting are examples of the types of work that are subject to special inspections by inspectors who have demonstrated their competence.

When these types of work are to be performed at a fabrication facility that is not on the construction site, IAS provides a service to the building official by accrediting the fabricator's own internal quality system and inspection practices. IAS accreditation provides assurance to the building official that the fabrication facility has been evaluated in accordance with Section 1701.7 of the Uniform Building CodeTM and Section 1704.2.2 of the International Building Code® with respect to the following key elements of quality assurance:


The fabricator must develop and submit a detailed fabrication procedural manual that references key quality control procedures as outlined in the applicable IAS accreditation criteria. This manual provides a basis for internal quality control and inspection of workmanship at the fabrication facility.


The fabricator must successfully undergo an initial on-site inspection conducted jointly by IAS staff members and representatives of an IAS accredited inspection agency. This joint assessment verifies that the fabricator is competent to do the work. It also verifies that the fabricator's quality control system is fully implemented.


The fabricator must undergo biannual, unannounced inspections by an IAS accredited inspection agency. These inspections provide ongoing monitoring to confirm that the fabricator continues to operate in accordance with the procedural manual.


The fabricator must notify IAS and the accredited inspection agency whenever there is a change to the documented quality system or a change in key personnel or equipment at the fabrication facility.


ILAC MRA Signatory Testing, Calibration, Inspection

IAF MLA Signatory Product Certification and Management System Certification (QMS and EMS)
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